• A five-element transformation monoid on labelled trees (PDF), joint with Yaokun Wu, Zeying Xu.

  • Homogeneity of transformation semigroups (PDF), joint with Yaokun Wu.

In preparation

  • Competition numbers and phylogeny numbers of connected graphs, joint with Yanzhen Xiong, Soesoe Zaw.

  • Shrinking Graph of DFA, joint with Yaokun Wu, Yanzhen Xiong.

  • Some nonexistence results for cyclic decompositions, joint with Chengyang Qian, Yaokun Wu.

  • Inferring phylogenies from incomplete metric information, joint with Yaokun Wu, Ziqing Xiang, Zeying Xu.

  • Hamiltonian thickness, joint with Yaokun Wu, Ziqing Xiang.